A Healthy Relationship

Are you wondering how to have or help your teen have a good relationship? We have a DVD series available called “Love Lessons ~ Purity is Possible” by Pam Stenzel. This curriculum is faith based and easy to use and present.

It is a four part DVD series that also comes with a leader’s guide on CDrom with reproducible handouts for students. This series is a fantastic teaching tool for churches, youth groups, teen bible studies and christian schools!

Lesson 1: “The High Cost of Free Love” (run time 54:44)
Lesson 2: Will you accept this rose? – The Bachelor Myth (run time 46:49)
Lesson 3: The slow fade – A look at the “sin cycle” (run time 31:52)
Lesson 4: The four chairs ( run time 36:59)

We are happy to make this resource available for use by:

  • Church Youth Groups
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Pastors
  • Homeschooling Parents and/or groups





For more information about this resource and how we can make it available to you, call 208-267-1491, email us. Linda@blessedbeginning.org or send us a message from our Facebook Page