Childbirth and Parenting Classes

Childbirth and parenting classes are available for moms and dads who are interested in learning about labor, birth and new baby care.

One-on-one private consultation and custom made classes, so you learn just what you want to know, to prepare you, personally for one of the biggest events of your life!

See our Parenting Classes page for details on those lessons

Pregnant?  Want to make a birth plan?  These items below should be part of a birth mom’s education. If you are not already familiar with them, we recommend you call or email us to schedule a customized childbirth class, or come in and check out the books & DVD’s in our lending library.

  • Normal anatomy of female organs and names
  • What constitutes healthy nutrition for pregnancy and nursing
  • Common changes of pregnancy, discomforts and remedies
  • Baby’s development as he/she grows inside
  • Danger signs in pregnancy
  • Danger signs after baby is born
  • Hazards of using drugs, smoking, alcohol, dangerous work or sports during pregnancy
  • What normal labor, birth and postpartum is like
  • Natural birth
  • Medicated birth
  • Comfort measures in labor for natural birth /  Pain management, relaxation, breathing, herbs, etc..
  • Comfort measures in labor for hospital / Epidural birth
  • Signs of labor starting
  • Possible complications of pregnancy, labor and birth and postpartum
  • How to take care of a newborn – 6 weeks
  • Emergency plans for transport
  • Sexuality during pregnancy and early postpartum
  • Knowledge of fertility awareness and/or family planning, if desired
  • Importance of family relationships and how it affects pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding technique–Watch Dr. Newman’s video
  • Exercise and activity to maintain health during pregnancy and afterward
  • Importance of prenatal visits
  • Prenatal tests, both routine and special. Lab tests for baby, routine and special
  • Loss and grief, understanding risks and possibilities
  • Early child development and care
  • Preparation and supplies needed for birth if at home
  • Items to take to the hospital, if planned birth there
  • Sterile technique: What to do if water breaks before labor begins / after baby sore bottom/ wound care
  • Birth dad’s role in pregnancy and birth and postpartum
  • What to expect from the midwife or doctor at the time of birth
  • Knowledge of birth Doulas and arranging for birth coach
  • Equipment the client may see at the birth
  • Things that midwives do that are standard procedures for prenatals and birth
  • Emergency techniques and procedures for labor and birth
  • Emergency plans for transport