Parenting Classes – Young Children

For parents of 2 through 12 year olds

Choose the lessons that make the most sense for you right now. Lessons do not have to be taken in
order and can be used to address the most important areas in your life.

Stop in and look at the lessons first to decide what your interested in learning.


10 Sections covering the essentials of parenting including discipline techniques and the importance of parenting with love

Lessons help teach how to appropriately discipline and to really show love to your child.


Section P1 Lessons:
Straight Thinking
1-2-3 Magic
Real World Application
Testing and Manipulation
Counting in Action and Conclusion

Section P2 Lessons:
Introduction and Review
Seven Tactics for Good Behavior
Specific Applications
The Family Meeting
Building Self-Esteem and the Payoff

Section P3 Lessons:
Attentive and Connected
Discipline and Consequences
Styles and Roles
Worrier or Visionary
Leaving a Godly Legacy

Section P4 Lessons:
What Type of Parent are You?
Your Child’s Personality Type
The Major Destroyer of Families
Providing Loving Support
Contracts: Setting Limits

Section P5 Lessons:
Developing a Close-Knit Family
Ten Ways to Motivate Your Child
Using the “SALT” Principle
The Seeds of Self-Esteem
How to Make Your Child Feel Special

Section P6 Lessons:
Why Your Child Needs Discipline
Irresponsibility vs. Defiance
Anger vs. Action
Finding Balance in Discipline
To Spank or Not to Spank

Section P7 Lessons:
Compliant vs. Defiant
Changing Discipline with Time
Changing Discipline with Time Pt. 2
Protecting the Spirit
The Ultimate Priority

Section P8 Lessons:
Parenting With an Eye To The Future
Eight Key Aspects of Character
Boundaries for Kids and Their Parents
Overcoming Obstacles to Boundaries
What Will Happen If I Do This?

Section P9 Lessons:
Pulling My Own Wagon
I Can’t Do It All, I’m Not Helpless Either
I’m Not The Only One Who Matters
Life Beyond “Because I’m the Mommy“
Pain Can Be a Gift

Section P10 Lessons:
Tantrums Needn’t Be Forever
Be Happier, Be Thankful
Jump-starting My Engine
Honesty Is The Best Policy
Roll Up Your Sleeves

For Parenting the Teenage Years see: A Healthy Relationship