Parenting Classes – Creating a Home

Parenting skills needed to grow personally and financially

Choose the lessons that make the most sense for you right now. Lessons do not have to be taken in
order and can be used to address the most important areas in your life.

Stop in and look at the lessons first to decide what your interested in learning.

Tutorials on how to manage finances in such important areas as credit, budgeting, and major purchases.

More basic life skills, the need is felt around the country, simple things that our parents taught us are not being passed down to the next generation of families


Section L2 Lessons:
Money Management 101
Basics of Budgeting
Checking Accounts
Positive Credit
Saving for the Future

Section L3 Lessons:
Apartment Renting 101
Roommates – Conflict Resolution
Furnishing and Decorating at Home
Housecleaning 101
Time Management for the Parent

Section L4 Lessons:
Shopping for a Car
Insurance Needs
Using a Recipe
Surviving at the Checkout
Menu Planning