Parenting Classes – Newborns & Infants

Choose the lessons that make the most sense for you right now. Lessons do not have to be taken in
order and can be used to address the most important areas in your life.

Stop in and look at the lessons first to decide what your interested in learning.

Parenting – the first year

Powerful information for first time parents and surprising for experienced parents as they learn things they wish they had known before. It covers that time right after the delivery all the way up to a year after birth.



Section 3 Lessons:
Reducing the Risk of SIDS
Newborn Learning to Think

Section 4 Lessons:
Eye Contact Means Love
Infant Temperament
The Importance of Bonding

Section 5 Lessons:
Infant Massage
Newborn Care
Crying, Colic, and Sleep
Caring for Yourself
The First Years Last Forever

Section 6 Lessons:
The Parent/Child Relationship
Safe from the Start
Learning to Talk
Quality Child Care
Talk, Play, Music, and Reading

Section 7 Lessons:
Emergency First Aid – Accidents
Emergency First Aid – Illnesses
Car Seat Safety
Your Baby Can Sleep
Discipline – Teaching Limits

Section 8 Lessons:
Food for Growth
Breast Feeding Your Baby
Your Baby’s Development
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Shaken Baby Syndrome

Section 9 Lessons:
Postpartum – Pregnant to Parent
Your Healthy Baby
Ready to Learn
Happiest Baby on the Block
Toilet Training

Section 10 Lessons:
Goals & Benefits of Breast Feeding
Techniques and A Good Latch
Getting Enough Milk
Growth Spurts & Essentials
Returning to Work