Take the Test

  1. Have you had unprotected sex (vaginal, oral-genital, or anal)
    at least once?
  2. Do you have unprotected sex at least once monthly?
  3. Do you use a condom every time you have sex?
  4. Do you use any form of contraceptive?
  5. Have you used this contraceptive consistently in the last month?
  6. Have you had more than one sexual partner?
  7. Has your partner had other partners?
  8. Are you uncertain as to when during her cycle a women can
    get pregnant?

These questions are indicators of your risk for contracting an STD or Becoming Pregnant.

Count your “yes” answers. If your total is:

6-8: Your risk is EXTREMELY HIGH.

4-5: Your risk is HIGH.

2-3: Your risk is MEDIUM

0-1: Your risk is LOW