Parenting Classes

A Blessed Beginning has wonderful lesson curriculum packages

Many people want to learn how to be good parents and raise a healthy, happy child,
but sometimes it can be difficult.

Choose the lessons that make the most sense for you right now. Lessons do not have to be taken in order and can be used to address the most important areas in your life.

Stop in and look at the lessons first to decide what your interested in learning.

Some of the Classes Available

  • Child’s First Aid ~ Accidents
  • Child’s First Aid ~ Illnesses
  • Newborn Care
  • Crying and Colic
  • Potty Training
    • Your Baby Can Sleep
    • Discipline -Limits with Love
    • Breast Feeding
    • Money Management
    • Basics of Budgeting

The length of different lessons vary, typically each lesson is about 30-45 minutes long, with time for questions and discussion.

Look at our packages to find lessons to choose from:

First Year Care – Newborns & Infants

Early Years – 2 through 12 Year Olds

Teenage Years – A Healthy Relationship

Parenting Skills – Creating a Home

We have times set aside during the month for classes, but all lessons can be had on an appointment basis